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Language Documentation Services Inc. (LDS), a leading translation service provider* based in Japan, assists clients around the world to achieve local market success through the development and support of first-class Japanese and English product documentation.

   Founded in 1980 by Kazue Hoshida, the firm currently employs a highly experienced team of 35 translators, project coordinators, IT engineers, programmers and DTP specialists at our office in central Tokyo. For 23 years we have reliably delivered accurate, culture-appropriate Japanese and English translation solutions to clients worldwide.

Breaking the Mold
From the very beginning we understood the need for an alternative to the ‘large agency/translation vendor’ business model ubiquitous in the translation industry both then and now. LDS eschews the idea of translation services being purely a commodity—in fact, effective communication and customer support are so essential in today's competitive global marketplace that we believe the engagement of a quality translation/localization solutions provider is a mission-critical decision.

   Unlike agencies, LDS does not outsource translation to casual freelance talent—instead we draw from our pool of in-house, industry credited translators—professionals in their particular field whose reputation, experience and expertise have ensured that the LDS name is synonymous with quality and reliability.
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   We partner with clients long term, building strong working relationships based on mutual respect, shared vision, active collaboration and sound business principles. And we stake our reputation on the premise that documentation excellence equates to real business value and measurable business results for our clients.

* Localization Industry Standards Association (LISA) member since 1983.   Go to LISA »


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