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The caliber of any translation or written communication is ultimately dependent on the talent, skills and know-how of translators and translation project coordinators. At LDS, we've been able to attract an impressive international client base primarily because we engage a superior team of experienced translators with keen bicultural insight, proven ability and up-to-date, industry-specific expertise.
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   LDS translators begin their employ with us by completing our rigorous in-house translator training program,* after which they undergo regular testing and peer review evaluations. Systematic training is the foundation stone on which we've built a consistent approach to translation methodology, content management, workflow systems and support technologies. This enables us to deliver high-quality documentation, reduce costs and speed time-to-market—all essential considerations for our clients.

   Because LDS is actively involved in translating mass-market books on various aspects of the IT business, our top-level translators, who specialize in particular fields of interest, keep abreast of new trends and terminology in their chosen industry. In fact, many of our translators are well known in Japan and write regularly for translation industry magazines and technical trade journals—several have published their own well-respected books on translation.
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* The enduring value of our in-house training program is so compelling that we've adapted the principles and core content for use in an e-learning course available online to young aspiring translators.
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