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From our inception, LDS has sought to be measured by the quality of our translations and the effective use of language in meeting our clients' business and product documentation needs. Whether traditional print-based translation assignments or electronic-based localization projects, LDS delivers some of the highest quality documentation solutions available in the market in Japan today.

Our Commitment to Quality

• Client Collaboration
To provide the optimum solutions for our clients requires that we understand their business and their customers, and that we incorporate that understanding into the language solutions we deliver. Client profile, product history, target market and consumer expectations are integral factors in project planning, team building and solution implementation. Additionally, new networking technologies allow project coordinators and translators to work securely and more closely than ever with our clients' engineers, development personnel and project staff. The resultant synergy leads to strong, long-term client relationships and compelling, product-specific business results.

• Outstanding Human Resources
Our translators and project coordinators are our greatest asset and the foundation of LDS' success. All our translators are dedicated full-time employees who are well practiced in the LDS standards for quality management—standards developed and fine-tuned over two decades of technical translation and IT market specialization. Project coordinators draw exclusively from this deep pool of talent to build strategic, highly focused translation/localization teams, and to match each translator's areas of expertise and interest to the demands and specifics of each new project. Our ability to consistently deliver accurate, culture-appropriate translation solutions for top global corporations attests to the extraordinary talent of our translators and project directors.
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• Procedural Standards
Our time-tested workflow practices ensure consistent, results-oriented content development and streamlined implementation for every project. Strict adherence to quality and procedural standards—including the development of comprehensive glossaries and appropriate style guides, use of translation memory applications, Quality Assurance (QA) checks, a final Quality Control (QC) review, and post-project support and analysis—guarantees technical accuracy and uniform use of terminology and style. A wealth of experience has been invested in this proven approach to translation excellence.
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• Technologies and Communication Systems
Translation is our core competency, but technological strength underlies every aspect of our operations as a quality language solutions provider. From the software that aids translators in content and translation memory management, to the hardware and network systems that enable us to efficiently and securely deliver large volumes of data, technology is fundamental to our success.


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