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Whether launching a product in the Japanese marketplace or launching a Japanese product globally, clients look to LDS to deliver seamless localization solutions on a cost-effective, fixed-time basis.

   One of the real challenges that international companies face in localizing for the IT market in Japan is the adaptation of their product from a single-byte to a double-byte environment. This is a problem unique to countries that utilize Chinese characters in their written communications, and one that is often underestimated by companies new to Asia. As a true translation solutions provider, LDS has both the experience and the technical expertise to smoothly implement this shift.

   For Japanese companies heading offshore the technical hurdles are fewer, but the business value derived from providing accurate, customer-friendly documentation remains just as persuasive—these include reduced technical support costs, favorable customer perceptions, brand recognition and increased customer referrals.

   So whether it's English to Japanese or Japanese to English, translation quality remains fundamental to the localization process—LDS translators strive to preserve the style and spirit of the source material and recast culture-specific references in terms that are meaningful to the audience. We do it consistently and we do it well.

   LDS localizes documentation for the IT, insurance, banking and medical industries in the following formats and across the following electronic media:
• Press releases
• Promotional and marketing materials
• Online documentation
• Websites
• Onscreen help and support files
• Application interfaces
• Printed manuals and PDF files
• Training materials

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