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The resources that LDS deploys to handle any given translation assignment are dependant on:
• Project size, scope and frequency
• Industry, field and subject
• Schedule and budget
• Language/translation direction

   We work hard to put teams in place that are not only capable of producing precise, high-quality translation in response to these factors, but are also keenly interested in the particular client's sphere of operations and motivated to expand their knowledge through the course of the project. Our commitment is such that for very large, long-term or repeat projects we may even adopt a client's particular field as a subject for internal research, study and training.

   In addition to a written brief, projects for new clients launch with a discovery session—an opportunity to sit down with our coordinators, translators and support staff to discuss corporate history, products, technologies, marketing, customer base and translation strategies. We work collaboratively with our clients, supporting their choice of content and translation management tools, and incorporating existing translation memories, glossaries and style guides into our workflow and quality assurance program.

Translation Phase

  • An initial translation of a sampling of content is undertaken and delivered to the client for an assessment of the quality and consistent use of terminology. Once we have full approval, a systematic translation of the entire documentation begins in earnest.
  • Depending on the size of the project, translation QA* reviews are conducted periodically and clients are kept informed of progress and scheduling.
  • The completed translation draft is subject to full review by the client and we follow up with our own QC** review. Amendments and corrections are finalized and the translation is delivered in hard copy or electronically in a variety of standard formats.
  • All material is archived for reference and possible future reuse.
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* Quality Assurance (QA) is a sample check of the quality of a product. Usually, a QA review is conducted on 10% of the volume of the product.
** Quality Control (QC) is a 100% review of the entire product.
(Source: Localization Industry Standards Association (LISA).)


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