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Our ability to consistently deliver accurate, culture-appropriate translation solutions for top global corporations attests to the extraordinary talent of our translators and project directors. Meet some of them here:

Senior Translators    Translation  Subject Expertise
Mitsumasa KotateEng ←→ Jap      Information Technology, (broad and varied)
Motoharu IkedaEng ←→ JapSemi-conductors
Kenji MiyamotoEng ←→ JapInformation Technology
Hiroyuki KamijoEng ←→ JapInformation Technology
Naoyuki KankeEng ←→ JapInformation Technology
Hideo YoshidaEng ←→ JapInformation Technology, ERP in particular
Kaori OkawaEng ←→ JapInformation Technology, Unix and Script languages in particular
Motonori FukudaEng ←→ JapInformation Technology


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