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Even as businesses rush headlong to publish and disseminate information electronically across the full spectrum of today's instant, online media, demand for the printed word—books, manuals, magazines and papers—remains as pervasive today as ever before. LDS' roots in print media translation services run deep and we continue to aid clients in their endeavor to publish up-to-date, informative and highly readable documentation and literature.

   We have long partnered with the manufacturing, electronics and machinery industries, translating product and service manuals into concise, well-written Japanese and English. We are a midsize firm with the capacity to handle very large volumes of content—potentially 1.5 million words per month—and we consistently deliver on schedule and within budget.

   LDS also enjoys the finest of reputations among the big publishers of instructional IT books for consumption in the mass market. The names of our translators are frequently coupled with expert authors and top ranking companies in this popular, high-demand category of books—this is one way in which our translators stay ahead of recent developments and trends within the IT industry, honing their translation skills and furthering their knowledge. The experience gained from translating books directly impacts all aspects of our business—none more so than our ability to provide intelligent, well-informed translations of the highest grade.
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