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Helping younger, less experienced translators to develop their craft and broaden their skills is a commitment that LDS takes very seriously—we consider it indispensable that young translators learn from acknowledged professionals in the field and are thoroughly trained in the disciplines of real-world technical translation. Three years ago we decided to adapt the teaching methods and materials from our renowned in-house training program into a study curriculum for an online certified translation course through our LDS Online Translation School.

   Since opening its virtual doors in April 2001, the school has seen a substantial number of junior translators complete one or both of the two courses offered to date:
• How to Translate IT-Related Books/Magazines
• How to Translate for Localization Projects

   These courses, which are conducted in Japanese and focus primarily on translation for the IT market, are an excellent way for students to expand their knowledge base, as well as to upgrade their analytical and practical translation skills. By emphasizing personalized and direct instruction, and maximizing information sharing among students, we aim not only to significantly enhance students' translation abilities, but also to ground students in the benefits of collaboration and teamwork.

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